Who We Are

Rollerson Productions is dedicated to serving our audience and clients by effectively communicating history, education, common interests, and entertainment. As the home of the Rollerson Broadcasting Network, we pride ourselves on showcasing the outstanding achievements and interests of our audience. 

At Rollerson Productions, we are honored to host a variety of events and programs, including the Victoria and Leon Rollerson Legacy Band performances, Diamond Award Programs, Juneteenth Celebrations, Black History Celebrations, and more. These events are designed to celebrate and uplift our community while providing meaningful entertainment and education.

We hope to engage, inspire, and entertain through quality programming that reflects the diversity and richness of our society. Whether through music, storytelling, or cultural celebrations, Rollerson Productions is committed to creating experiences that resonate with our audience and leave a lasting impact.​

Our Mission

To communicate to our public and to our clients; history, education, common interest and entertainment, and to highlight outstanding things about our audience and their interest.

Leon Rollerson Productions